35 Years of Investment Expertise Working For You

Western Oil and Gas J.V (WOGJV) is a private oil and gas investment company based in Westchester County, New York. Through Joint Venture participation in our domestic drilling projects, qualified individual investors benefit from passive, long-term cash flow and a diverse and well-balanced portfolio. As oil and gas consumption continue to increase exponentially, so does profit potential.

Benefits of oil and gas investment include significant and immediate tax benefits, and cash flow that begins in 12-15 months and lasts 15-20 years. To date, we have raised $80 million and returns have historically been as high as 3:1. Repeat clients make up about 60% of our investors at any given time.

Western Oil and Gas J.V. Sample Program

Amount raised: $1 million
Estimated completion cost: $800k
Number of investors: 10
Number of repeat clients: 7
Number of drillers: 3
Number of states: 3
Cash flow begins: 12-15 months
Gross revenue: 3+:1