Investing with WOGJV

Western uses a mutual funds approach to investing in oil and gas drilling: a given JV assembles investor capital and uses it to purchase small working interests in a select group of oil and gas wells. Our goal is to mitigate risk and maximize diversification and profit.

This approach offers our clients many advantages:

Diversity: With one check, you invest in a syndicate of 5-8 low-to-moderate risk wells (prospects) in different geological areas, managed by as many as 4 independent exploration and production companies, including Western Oil, Caddo Management, Murfin Drilling Company and Osage Resources.

Long-Term Cash Flow: Our goal is not to turn a large, one-time profit, but to maintain a consistent long-term return. We invest right alongside our clients, and only make money when you do. Cash flow typically begins in 12-15 months and lasts 15-20 years, and investors can expect returns of 6-10% pre-tax or 9-15% after-tax, which are additionally sheltered by the “depletion allowance.”

Simplicity and Transparency: We make things easy for our investors, managing all geology and planning, contractor oversight and production. You receive detailed accounting, frequent activity updates and monthly distributions.

Methodology: By taking advantage of the latest developments in drilling technology, including 2D and 3D seismic, hydraulic fracking, isopach maps, gama ray logs, mud logs and perforations, WOGJV operates in the safest and most profitable way possible.

Areas of current activity:

OklahomaMarchand Formation, Tonkawa Formation, Culp Melon Formation, Hollis Basin
LouisianaTuscaloosa Marine Shale
TexasPermian Basin